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Change comes through knowledge.
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Hi, I'm Sarah Dawkins

I co-founded Celtic Sanctuary with my husband Paul.
Our vision is a countryside retreat away from the modern digital world to rest, renew and revitalise. Stress and illness, whether new or pre-existing, cause frustration and a need for both knowledge and suport. Celtic Sanctuary focuses on holistic health and wellness, bringing together wellbeing of the mind, body and soul.

My background as a qualified Nurse allowed me to set up Dawkins Health Consultancy where I still work clinically as well as teach other healthcare professionals.

In 2013 I came first in an entrepreneur competition at Hull University and then in 2014 I was the runner up in a national competition run by IPSE designed to celebrate Britain’s best and brightest self-employed people, 15 for 2015, which led to my meeting the PM, Rt Honourable David Cameron to discuss entrepreneurship in the UK.

Throughout my nursing career, I have had an avid interest in health and wellness and I would love to share my knowledge with those wanting to learn how make positive changes in their lives. Please get in touch if this is you.

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